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Tree Services

Properly maintained trees add stature, elegance and beauty  to your property. South Manchester Garden Services offer an wide variety of tree services to cover all your needs. All trees require an amount of  regular attention to support health, beauty and ensure safety for the tree and for your property.

SMGS are qualified to provide a wide range of Tree services including tree removal, pruning and stump removal services.

SMGS offer the following Tree Services

Dead Tree Removal:

We can remove all traces of dead trees to enhance your property.

Hazardous Tree Removal:

If you have trees that pose a potential hazard to either your property, your family or the public we can remove these for you.

Tree Clearance Services:

If you have some land that you need to be redeveloped or remodelled we can take out any trees or vegetation that you need to be cleared.

Stump Grinding:

SMGS offer a complete stump removal and stump grinding service to provide you with a smooth surface after tree removal.



Crown reduction can be used to reduce mechanical stress on individual branches or the whole tree, make the tree more suited to its immediate environment or to reduce the effects of shading and light loss


Crown thinning is the removal of a portion of smaller/tertiary branches to produce a uniform density of foliage around an evenly spaced branch structure. Crown thinning does not alter the overall size or shape of the tree.


This is the controlled removal of a tree where felling is not an option due to surrounding obstacles i.e. buildings, fences and property. This is where our climbing skills come into operation.


This can be carried out where a safe space allows.


We can either reshape or entirely remove your hedges and dispose of all cuttings.


We can advise you what type of tree’s to plant and undertake the planting of said trees.


We can supply firewood to order,

Please contact us for a no obligation quotation. We aim to beat any like for like quote.